How has your L'aigle adventures been going?

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If you're planning to create your own faction, be warned that that mechanic isn't properly implemented. If you leave the faction, you'll lose your current military rank and your party size will drop dramatically, as it's tied to rank.
Sergeant James W Turnes is a sergeant (unsurprisingly) in the British Army, from Liverpool. He is a Heavy Dragoons and commands the maybe made up line cavalry regiment (I cant be bothered to check actual dragoon regiments to name one) of 49th Heavy Dragoons. He's on roughly day 200 and so far, just earlier today, the entirety of the British armies, called up by the marshal, Sir Arthur Wellesley crossed the channel at Brest and steamrolled the Frenchies (I was so surprised since we had tried once before and failed miserably), looting Brest, Vannes and Napoleonville, aswell as taking Nantes, Orleans and the French Military Depot, The British armies were marching on the gates of Paris but some French Armies pushed us back to Orleans, which was defended (Somehow, don't know how we managed to stay alive, we were outnumbered at this point) When I logged off of Mount and Blade, we were voting for who would become the lord of Orleans (I was appointed the lord of Vannes, since we had taken Nantes). Our next objectives on this campaign are to knock France out of the wars (If that's even possible), Before moving onto Holland. I'm not really commanding these armies, I'm just following the marshal, but meh.
Italy, France and Holland are about to fall on the behave of United Kingdom. I hope we will keep it that way, but I'm afraid we wont, and I must do everything. Officers don't care about us anymore.
Note for new players!!-  Always use rifled carbine . It can be found from armourer of Prussian  military depot , always join France,Britian or Russia    always buy armour from military depot after you have joined faction.
My L'Aigle adventures, for the last several years, comprise checking just about weekly for THE update .............
replaying it now. It's so fun and strategic.
Too bad it's not finished. The graphics is amazing to be a Warband mod, it almost feels like a new game
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