How hard is it to add 4 candidatures?

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As a ruler of a kingdom, I cant even have mine as a candidature and keep the settlement for myself even if I do the siege on my own with my companions.
Now I only have 4 settlements but some of my vassals even have 6-7. I have to vote for them because I can't vote for myself as a ruler of the kingdom.
How stupid is that? this issue has been kept going for many of the updates already. What's wrong with updates? arent they listening or pretending stupid?
I think it (maybe add a NPC counselor) should recommend 3 using it's score/voting, but then the ruler should be able to give it to who they like, including self. It's just so bizarre that "the game", some disembodied force is presenting your options.

I particularly take issue with that the game/lords don't take any consideration to culture and they do not make any definite value out of more fiefs. It is always better to just have another clan with 1 fief, then to give multiples to 1 clan. But the game/lord don't know this.
I agree a “these are the three choices your clans will most hardily accept” and the final choice, which could bear major consequences, can fall on the ruler. Just ratchet the AI’s want to veer outside those three choices to nothing virtually nothing

I just don’t think it should bode well for players that try to claim everything for themselves and snag for territory then they could reasonably managing with a single family. I understand arbitrary restrictions in video games as they don’t/can’t program the massive amounts of things that can and will go wrong.
yes a counselor presenting these options would be awesome. I miss these NPC's from the warband mods. As I stated in the other threat there should always be an option for the ruler to go against the AI wishes, even if that must come with a penalty in some form.
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