How famous is the person above you?

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  • I rape cats

    Votes: 193 39.2%
  • I am more of a dog person

    Votes: 95 19.3%
  • No keep it here

    Votes: 164 33.3%
  • I dont like animals just cats

    Votes: 40 8.1%

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Can't say I've seen you anywhere else than here! This gentleman seems to be the leader of a N&S regiment, and he has a pretty swaggery avatar that reminds me of Robert Downey Jr, other than that I don't know who he is :grin:
Kolonel of the 44ste.
A funny friend.
A spazzy conversationist.
A fast typer.
A patron of the Gladius/RaW community.
A nice guy.
An extremely friendly person.

He's also hawt.
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