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  • I rape cats

    Votes: 193 39.2%
  • I am more of a dog person

    Votes: 95 19.3%
  • No keep it here

    Votes: 164 33.3%
  • I dont like animals just cats

    Votes: 40 8.1%

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Ensign of the 91st Highlanders. Your forum name seems fimiliar. I assume that you a probably pretty decent in Melee. Haven't seen you that much on the forums personally, however you seem to be fairly polite and nice  :wink:
Admin on Prides Revival Squad, plus he admins on many other servers. Referee in Groupfighting tournaments, great guy too. Great in melee, and active in game and the forums.
Most active guy on this thread. :razz:
Said enough about him I believe. He's simply SEXY!
Major of the 60th Rifles. Must have seen you during some LB the I guess. I am not sure, but I somehow remember you being in the 1er Grens before. Could be mistaken though. Seems like a nice guy and is active on forums.
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