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How exactly are you supposed to get vassals?

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I appreciate your tips, but if you honestly think anyone will find this fun or a good suggestion, to farm millions just by fighting so you can get a single vassal, then we have different definitions of what fun gameplay is.

I like battles, but fighting (alone btw) for 10s, if not 100s of hours to get millions of gold to get A SINGLE lord? No thanks.
Exactly! Everyone plays like different. I stopped to be in a rush for a Kingdom. I play with death/birth on and spend the first generation only for building a solid ground for a Kingdom. Relations and millions of Denars. With the first Char I do everything what the Game offer Questing, Arena, Mercenary, Bandit hunting and the rest so it does not feel as a grind at all. It is the game that I enjoy and not only at the point I have a Kingdom. Then with the second Generation I have a very strong Base and for me it is absolute okay... kind of like playing two Games and it reminds me that most ambitions fail because we humans tend to want achieve all in one short single life :wink:

And of course if it is absolut nothig for you -> Mods gona help you.


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One thing to remember is when you try to recruit clans and your not at war it will cost many times more since they will not bring their fiefs. If your at war it will cost much less since they bring fiefs with them. So stop at towns and castles and request to talk to someone and try to convince clan leaders to join when at war.

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Easiest way possible, here goes...

1.Support a rebellion (make sure rebels turn into clans) this means going to war with the faction they're at war with.
2.Wait for them to join a kingdom.
3.Recruit them, if they don't have a fief, that's even better. They'll be ready to be recruited and they'll cost under 100k sometimes.
Boom, easy. in one of my campaigns, I have like 5 rebel clans.
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