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BL Coding How does the id in text translation generated?

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What should I do if I want to generate a new id for text to be translated?
Is it generated by checksuming the string or generated randomly?
If every one just generate random id locally, collision may happen.
So is there a server for this task now? When will modders be able to access it?
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I believe that, given how a mod project for xml data is structured, it would be highly unlikely that there would be a conflict, provided you are generating a hashid correctly. You are correct in assuming that it could be a conflict, but it would only conflict with other modders modding the same xml data as you are if we look how the data folders are structured.

Maybe someone could create a site to track all the ids being used in the Bannerlord project. Which would also generate keys for modders, and track which ones have been claimed? may not need TW to do anything about it.

Another solution would be to not use hashids the way TW is using and instead use a naming structure that hopefully other modders follow, for example instead of using 'GlaHquq0' as an id, maybe use 'mymodabbr_GlaHquq0'. Should differentiate your mod ids from others, and although it would need to be tested, I assume it's just a string id, so it being longer shouldn't break anything if the id var is not length or size capped by the engine.

Just some food for thought.
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