How does one obtain Golems/Orc Shamans/Troops like that?

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I'm attempting to RP a bit with myself and make a Orc Warlord but yet I don't think I can survive much longer only using the orc troops I can recruit which I limit myself to, so how do I obtain Orc Shamans or on my Mage character, Golems?
If you get a high enough relation with the faction (10) you will be able to recruit a small group of people from the towns. The group is a mixture of people including females. There are four kinds of golems all coming from the Ridas Magocracy by having a good relation. The golems are recruit-able from the town (Wizard's Tower). At 10 relation you are able to recruit clay and stone golems, and at 25 relation you are finally able to recruit the iron and silver versions.

For the unique units you need to have at least 50 relation with the native factions to recruit them at any of their cities.
The super troops are as follows:

Swadian: Knights of the King : very powerful heavy knights
Vaegir: Vedmaks: Mage hunters, very resistant to magic and good in melee combat
Khergit: Wolfwere Windrunners : very fast running, carry big glaives
Nord: Valkyries: powerful female riders in bronze armor, good with melee and thrown weapons
Rhodok: Swashbucklers: very fast light infantry, carry rapiers and side swords. The best swordsmen in the mod
Sarranid: Djann: powerful fighter-mages
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