How does marriage for your children work?

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Lucius Confucius

I got some children I want to have married.

If I have them married, will they stay in my clan? Will I get the spouse into my clan?

I tried to have my daughter married, I went to the clan leader of another clan and spoke to him about alliance through marriage. He had a suitable candidate that I had to speak to, so I did. But after that, nothing. I went back to the clan leader and he is saying nothing about the whole thing.
What happens now? What am I supposed to do? I had my daughter in my party the whole time.

Anyone knows how marriage for your children work?

Playing on 1.4.2 with some mods.


Not implemented yet, I believe. You can talk to the leader of a clan about an 'alliance through marriage', they tell you to talk to the individual concerned, but there's no dialogue to progress it.


It's not implemented yet, but afaik the mod "Diplomacy Fixes" fixed that. I remember being able to marry my childrens with NPC Heroes playing with that mod on v.1.4.3 (or v.1.4.2 ? )
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