How do you unban someone from a server?

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I started a poll to ban someone as a joke but everyone said 1 and not 2 (dont know why) and we need to unban this guy. Is it a perminent ban? How long is it if not a perminent ban? how do we unban him? (we have people with admin powers trying to unban him so we have the admins on our side)
You remove the ID number and name from the banlist in your server files (I might be wrong on this though). So if you have access to your serverbox files you can edit the banlog.txt file to remove the banned clients!
However, if you vote banned them I do believe it counts as a temporary ban. Temp bans cannot be removed before it runs out, which is an hour.
lol its because i always the first guy to take the seat on the piano no matter how hard he tried

(even killing himself to go for the seat)
I've been banned from 84e_NW_Seige for over a week, for teamkilling a player because the admin said he didn't see him teamwounding me, so when he came for me again i shot him and have been banned since then. help
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