How Do You Retreat?

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Since the orders menu in battles changed, I've been having trouble finding how to do old things - like form a circle, form a wedge. I never used to use the "retreat" command, but now, with death in battle looming for all my sturdy Companions of many years, I read of players making special groups of them and then retreating them.

So: Where the hell is the Retreat command?? I can't find it!
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If your talking about a full army retreat you can use "Tab" then click and hold the middle mouse button to get a cursor then click retreat or you can run off map which will trigger a retreat after 10 seconds. I think you can also use the formation commands to retreat as well.


A major problem I have with the retreat mechanic is that it is very exploitable if you want it to be and useless when you don't. If you have all archers, you can set up a line and wait til they get close and retreat then rinse and repeat til they're all dead. If you're actually losing and want to get away, sorry but you'll go back to the same battle screen just to redeploy and get beaten again. Once you're in the battle, you're there til it's over.


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I don't remember: does "retreat" function make disappear your troops from the battle or they just stay near the map border?
TAB -Retreat makes everyone disappear at once and go back to the pre-battle screen. Ordering groups with f1-f7 makes the rout, they towards nearest edge of the map and despawn. I think there's another command that makes them pull back but I'm not sure.
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