How do you customize your kingdom troops?

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I think your kingdoms troops are based on the title you give yourself? I haven't been a king more than once, and i took the generic title of king, so all my troops were based off of Swadia, I can only assume that being a khan, Tsar, etc. will change the troops accordingly. I am genuinely interested in what the Antipope will have at his disposal  :lol:


- Customize kingdom army
* You can change equipment for every player kingdom soldier
* You pay 3 times the item price, for every item you add or take from the troop
* Memorize: troops will keep equipment, even upon loading savegame

This is what I was talking about.


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1. Start your own kingdom.
2. Recruit personal kingdom troops at castles or towns.
3. Talk to one of the troops in your party screen.
4. Change equipment.

5. If upon loading the savegame the equipment is reset, please use the menu option in camp screen and reload the equipment manually.


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Sorry for necro, but I'm curious about the different titles available. Oh, and how do you form the Calradian Empire? Do you need so and so land, or just conquer everything?
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