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Open In Progress How do you add M&B games to your title in your profile?

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I know I have Mount and Blade Warband, And the DLC's Viking Quest(Which I quite loved) and Napoleonic Wars. How do you link them to your profile? Can I add my steam profile to this or not?
Also how to change your profile picture? I can't quite seem to figure it out.
I had to log in as Sir Prince with the space, it worked fine for me. Any errors and it does immediately go to a 404 page though, and also I don't know how to add Bannerlord to it because it has no key I can find on Steam.
Hello I've followed the instructions to 'add game' but it's asking me for a key. How do I find this key?
WIN+R, input "regedit" , find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MountAndBladeWarbandKeys and you can see your key in serial_key
OR you can right click your game in steam, there is a "manage" tab and you can see your CDkeys
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