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from google search "warband leave faction keep fiefs":

go conquer a Castle or a City and request it be given to you.

The king will most likely refuse and offer you some gold to compensate... at which point you have the choice to take the gold or rebel.

If you rebel, you can simply break your oath and become kingdomless (same result as removing your oath) or you can decide to keep your holding and strike out on your own, creating a kingdom right there and now... and yes, you get to keep your castle and cities as well as the castle/city the King denied you.

A couple important points:
- You will be at war with your former kingdom... so the best time to do this is when you're a Marshall and when you're former kingdom is already at war with others... that way, they're likely to ask for peace (They did after 2 days with me, so I got to keep everything).

- You will keep your castles and city AND you will take the fief associated with said castle/cities even if they hadn't been given to you initially.

- You will lose any fiefs that were given to you for whom you didn't hold the castle/city.

that's supposedly the only way
I think your chances of being able to immediately get a truce after rebelling are improved by your personal relations with the leader of the faction against whom you are rebelling, as well as if they are involved in any other wars at the time...

Full Disclosure: I am relatively new to the game myself and basing the above assumption on a very limited sample set of data
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