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Ugneric the Gaptoothed

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As of right now the game wont launch using steam ive sat here almost all day trying everything i can think of the game with even close thats when i came to the realization i can probaly get it off the taleworlds website and see if that would make a change but ive run into one issue and thats i dont know how a CDkey works ive never used one and i read you can use it to install the game off taleworlds website i dont know how and i dont acidentally want to use 20 Euro on a game i already own and paid for which is why i came to support for help with the CDkey issue im having

Roderic the Horned

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Check at steam what the cd key is, search around at the Warband game, there should be a button for it. Use it then to install M&B manually.
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