How do I put the game ownership badges?

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For some reason I could never put my game ownership badges even though I own both warband and bannerlord, I just dont understand how lol, can someone give me a hand on this?


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Actually, that feature still exists for games other than Bannerlord. Registration and a game ownership badge for it are not yet available.

To register Warband or other TaleWorlds games besides Bannerlord, log in on the main website using your forum login info.
Then, visit your "My Games" page over there, where you can enter the game's CD key to associate it with your account and have the game ownership badges shown on your forum account.

To get the CD keys for Warband and its DLC in Steam, for example, you go to your Library inside Steam and right-click the game's name ("Mount & Blade: Warband"), then choose "Manage > CD Keys". That will list CD keys for the game and non-standalone DLC.
As mentioned above, this is not currently available for Bannerlord.