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So previously i could basically add an xml to my mod and be done with it, and put into the submodule:

<XmlName id="Items" path="nameofxml"/>
<GameType value="Campaign"/>
<GameType value="CampaignStoryMode"/>
<GameType value="CustomGame"/>
<GameType value="Native" />

the same goes for crafting templates, crafting pieces etc, however now after the current update, when i start the game, it just wont read those files , it wont load them, the items are gone and the troops using them spawn without their weapons, when i put them at the top the game crashes, does anyone know how to do that after the patch?

found the problem that crashed it for me, before if you had in a template a piece section like pommel or guard etc, but havent had any pieces of that class in <pieces> it would ignore it and leave it blank in smithy, now it doesnt ignore itand if there are none it crashes
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