WB Scening How do I change the battle scenes in the mod I developed?

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Adfrila the Primitive

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I want to make this field flat and big, what codes do they have, I tried it until random scenes, I didn't, if anyone knows, it would be a legend
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Roderic the Horned

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I first quote InVain, since you also asked this question at the Modding Discord:
On randomly generated scenes, hill height and ruggedness are determined through the proximity of the nearest mountain tile on the map. It's hardcoded.

The easiest way to avoid it is defining a range of premade, non-random battlefields for specific areas on the map.

TLD has a system that teleports the battle to a different tile on the map to have flat battlefields if wanted. But that's a bit more intricate to set up.
If you want to create custom random maps, you need to be able to script. Read up this two posts and answers, they contain all the needed informations:
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