How do I change the amount of troops gained/reinforcement wave in SoD?

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I dont have the best pc in history, so to have on good graphic settings, I have to keep my battlesizer low (about 150) to avoid lag and such.
Therefore to avoid having to fight 10 small fights to kill a medium sized army, I would like to increase the amount reinforcement of waves each side gets during battle, and make each of them bigger.
(Or preferably decrease the amount of men in each but have waay more, and more often, making it more like a steady flow of men.)
that way it will feel almost as if I had on a higher battlesizer.

Are there anyone who can help me? how do I change this? I know there is a tweak in the tweak-collection in zendar town square, but Im not sure if it will work in this mod, and I never really managed to apply that tweak correctly last time I tryed.
So it would be nice if someone who has some knowledge about this could share it with me.



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Hymmm, I suppose you already checked Magelord's thread?

Anyway, it's quite easy to change I suppose. i would just to have search for this in module_mission_templates. Btw you asked about a way to learn Module system, it might be a good excercise.

use native module system.
Search for:
You will see something like:
(add_reinforcements_to_entry, 4, 7),
where first number is the spawn point and second one is the value (I suppose it's responsible for number of toops? just guessing).
Change second number to some strange value that shouldn't appear anywhere, like: 1234999
Build module.
Open mission_templates.txt
Search for 1234999 and this will be the place to change it from the txt level, and you could post this as the next txt tweak in Magelord's thread.


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Diavolo said:
Thx a lot for such quick and explaining reply :mrgreen:
will let you know if im having problems or something.
Quick indeed :wink: Next time I will respond before one asks :wink:

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