how do I add my own music?

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hi, Ive understood that I have to put the music files in the music folder in the mod I want to play.
thats all I know.
I have tryed, and it doesnt work. The music doesnt play. Is it something I am forgetting? (or dont know about) that
I have to know to make this work. (Perhaps add some lines of code somewhere?).

any help will be appreciated.


I'm not 100% sure but you'll probably have to put the line "scan_module_music = 1" (without quotations) in the module_info.txt file, just like you'd put "scan_module_sounds = 1" if you wanted to replace some sounds. Of course, that might not work at all.

Edit: Looking through the folders, there's a "music.txt" file in the module directory (Modules/Native, for instance) with the names and extensions of music files that can be found in the "Music" folder in the main Mount and Blade directory. Then there's a bunch of numbers. Honestly I don't know what you should do, but it probably involves the music folder and that text file.

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