How did slings become obsolete?

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Was doing some googling search, wiki and youtube but I can't seem to find any information on how slings became obsolete. I could imagine its something to do with the horrible accuracy. Still, is there any good documentary or online text worth reading on it?
I'm more interested in the Staff sling (mini-me catapult). Surely, that would have been more accurate with longer range. Was popular in the late hellenistic age but quickly vanished ?

As to slings, they were popular in ancient period, mostly against large infantry formations. Slings seems to have decline in the late ancient period and vanished in the European dark ages. I suspect its decline had to do with cultural issues, The Balearic Islands were famous for their slingers, as they declined, no one else took up the mantle ?

You would think Sling missiles would be very effective against armor ?
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I think so. Based on what I have seen they could make some pretty devastating impacts. Especially if you use dedicated lead missiles. If a kid can be trained to hit targets, surely adults can be pretty effective?

Ah well, will keep looking.
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