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How did I get the game?
It was 2008, I was 6-7 or years old and I received a laptop as a birthday gift but there was no game to play in it. One day, my cousins came to visit me and said they found a Turkish-made game. They transfered the game to PC through and old an rusty USB. The game's name was Mount&Blade but it was demo version so we could only play it until day 30 and level 10. We played the game again and again until day 30. We didn't even think getting the full version, we thought the game was that way, it was so fun. In one of our runs, during a tournament my cousin was horseback but accidentally dropped his sword by pressing G so we had to eliminate our enemies by charging on them with horse. It nearly took one hour to eliminate each enemy by cavalry charge. Instead of being mad to eachother because we dropped the sword by accident, we laughed and enjoyed game every second of the game. We were playing the game in turns, for example when I die my cousins took over and when they die I took over and so on.

I don't remember eveything but there is some I remember

#1 Town of Zendar and Salt Mine
When bandits were chasing me, I was immediately going Zendar and wait till there until I run out of money for accomodition because I was afraid to go outside. There was a salt mine too. When, bandits or Dark Knights chased me, I seek refuge from there but there was no option to wait in there so I always ran around salt mine thinking enemies will go away, what a silly.

#2 Marnid and Borcha
I don't know why but Marnid wanted me to get him "Aketon" for him so he will join my party. I spent 1000 coins over an Aketon so he could join me, the only thing I got was a damn fool with a spiked club. I could have raised an army with that 1000 coins. And there was a Borcha guy in prison, I paid his ransom and took him to my party. His armor was cool though

#3 Dark Knights
I helped a group of farmers to defeat a small group of Dark Knights which consisted like 6-7 knights and had 40 wounded men, I saw this opportunity and attacked. Our numbers were like 30 with the farmers but Dark Knights were so OP they were like unstoppable but we managed to defeat them. Dark Knights had like 50 Swadians as prisoners. I immediately took them to party and marched Dhorak Keep to besiege.

#4 Dhorak Keep
I attacked the keep with a full force of 50 Swadian men which I liberated off Dark Knights from the last battle. Don't expect me to tell stories. Dhorak melted us with crossbows and we couldn't even reach the castle walls.

#5 Vaegirs and Swadians
Except Dhorak, there were only two factions; Vaegirs and Swadians. And they had patrols patrolling around their castles. When they engage eachother, I was saving the game and joining the battle, enjoying the battle and turning back to save and doing it non-stop.

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