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Iccius Horrendus

Team: Romans

Has pop-out a problem, already present in games.

When you talk for the first time with a lord, he presents himself yo you.
For example Garios and Rhaegea says they are the rightful emperor, but not Lucon.

Becase I am working on a mod, I made new kingdoms and cultures, the problem is the rulers says just "I'm lord of [city name]".
Everything I think is related to tags ( following screenshot).

So When I made a new Kingdom with a new culture, I added the string, for example id="str_liege_title.japan" text=" Tenno of the bla bla bla"
The ruler does not presents himself like this.
If I add tags as "DefaultTag", also other new rulers I made from the kingdom gonna say I'm the "Tenno of the bla bla bla"

So I am trying to understand how I can create a new TAG to assign to the comment strings?
Where the already existing Tags are assigned? Back to Lucon is probablly because ha san't assigne the "EmpireTag".

The problem presents himself also to the new lords that I made for the new Kingdom.
I made new unique lines for them.
I was capable to change the already existing comments, but in a scenery where there is more kingdoms or city states that needs to create new cultures to differentiate also the troops trees, it risks to taking away depth from the game.

I try to look into the forum and documentation but I did not found anything.

If someone does know something will ne appreciated.


Ragnar Ogrefoot

Team: Barbarians
Sorry, IDK about tags. The problem arises from three imperial factions/kingdoms sharing the same empire culture. If you find the answer, please post it for the benefit of others.

On dialogue more generally - AFAIK the games default language is English. So, English is embedded in the game code (dlls). Any English string xmls are just for reference for translation of foreign language versions. Each text string has a unique localisation code such as {=dfr345hD}, which is used to substitute translation strings for foreign languages.

You might find video 8 (dialogues) from this tutorial series of interest:
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