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How can a king get married?

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Started a game as king of UiNeill (of course, like 4 days before the update dropped). Now that I've conquered the northern half of Ireland I'm thinking about settling down with a wife... but I'm not sure how.

I've been visiting a few ladies from rival kingdoms, but obviously their fathers won't give them permission to marry because we may end up at war (and that's a very reasonable assumption because we absolutely will eventually).

So it seems like the only way to get married would be to marry the daughter of one of my vassals. But how? I need a feast to visit the girls, but can't throw a feast without a wife. Bit of a catch-22 isn't it?

It's entirely possible I'm just missing something very obvious.

Yeah I did search that thread and didn't see anything that looked related to my question.

Didn't know my vassals would throw feasts. Been at peace for months now and they haven't thrown one that I know of. probably bad luck there.
Try making it someone else, see if the marshal decides the kingdom should have a feast. If you're at war this may not work.
Yeah that totally worked, like a day after naming a marshal a feast was declared. Flirtin' with my lords daughters all up in here now.

Thanks again!
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