How become a vassal ?

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hi, sorry for my english.

I would like to know why i can't be a vassal of King Cedrus, who say me i'm a citizien, and have to come back later, but i'm a Gentry with 1257 prestige points.

An other question, how put slaves in my colonies ?

Thank's for answers.
Gentry is middle class I think. You should try to become an aristocrat and see if it helps. Just keep joining merchant guilds. You get prestige for joining and everytime they upgrade which happens randomly after you join or can be forced if you pay an exorbitant sum of money (I recommend you just join all of them, I joined them all and I get an upgrade notice every week!)

Also you can get prestige from special buildings in colonies, but these are only available at colony level 3 and if you reach colony level 3 then you can never found another colony, plus the more population they have the more time you need to spend shipping food over (50 population with the farm and food import can handle itself without assistance)

Finally you can get prestige from releasing prisoners. It's capped at 30 prisoners released per battle. With 8 companions equipped with heavy plate and maces, and 15 slave crushers (not chiefs or they lose their maces) I can get 60 prestige per round of fighting steppe bandits and your companions level a lot too
No, I got the businesses and properties and worked on colonies which can house limitless men and don't charge upkeep. The plan is to form the Calradian Empire by restoring it's capital, then head over to the colonies and conquer the Aztecs, then return and quickly takeover the failing Kingdom of Swadia to establish myself as a faction.
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