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Hi. Probably like most of you, i've played for couple of hundred hours already and thought about some suggestions about how the gameplay could be improved. I just want to tell them in this post. Keep it in mind, this is just my humble opinion and i respect you if you agree or disagree with me. :roll:

After couple of campaigns i feel like game has incredible potential to play it with different approaches but base game (obviusly its an EA game ) doesnt give you the base mechanics necessary to accomplish it successfully.

What i'm talking about is playing it as a trader or a mercenary or a bandit for example. Sure there are mods but because the game lacks certain mechanics, mods can only get you so far. For an example there is a mod called "banditlord" and it lets you play as a bandit and capture noble's and ransom them. however if you do that, for some reason your relationship increases with them:lol:, because of the bartering mechanic in the game is made for kingdom building in mind. Also to get an endgame with these mods you still have to follow "neretzes's folly" quest line and form a kingdom and such, even if your intentions are completely different.

Another thing is playing as a trader lets you barter cities makes no sense to me. Its very unrealistic and immersion breaking. Town and castle bartering can only be made by the rulers of the factions not some wierd merchant who somehow made a fortune by selling fish :grin:

I want to suggest developers to let us select entirely different quest lines for the campaign, for each way we want to play the game. And each way could have certain restrictions and bonuses for your selection. This way modders can actually add more content rather than create entire mechanics from scratch. Also this will improve the replayablity of the game by a lot in my opinion.

Here is my suggestion:
Every time you start a campaign, after you select your culture, there could be a selection screen like this; (i made it with photoshop):smile:

Image Link

Path of Glory; Basicly lets you play the already existing "Neretzes's folly" quest line, lets you become a vassal or form a faction. Trading and becoming a mercenary is available with limitations, everything is the same as it is. Obviously considering, the state of the game right now is not finished.

Path of Fortune; Lets you play as a merchant character. Can't form a kingdom, can't obtain castles, only Towns are obtainable. Small army sizes and faster movement on campaign map. Have an entirely different quest line.
Game could have minor factions just like mercenary factions focuses on trade. Instead of forming kingdoms they can form guilds. There could be a guild building that can exist in towns and every workshop, craftsman, artisan belong to this town, pay taxes to it. Basicly these minor factions(Guilds) have the control of these guild buildings rather than the town itself. And your main focus should be either join an existing guild and gain control over Calradia or form your own guild and do the same. You can raid competing factions caravans, deal with bandits and lords. Have better and upgradeable workshops, different buildings for towns if you own one and such etc..

Path of Valor; Lets you play as a mercenary. Can't form a kingdom or a guild. can't obtain towns, only castles are obtainable. Large army sizes.
Playing as a mercenery can also have an entirely different quest line. I actually have a great idea about this. As the path of glory quest line guides you to unite the Calradia. How about in this quest line it wants you to keep it seperated. It makes sense right, because if you are mercenary your way of making money depends on war. And if one faction dominates everything there is no war. For an example if one faction gets wiped out, a quest pops up and tells you to go gain a town for that destroyed faction and gives you a sizeable money reward. I think something like that actually happend in medieval ages in italy but i'm not historian can't tell you in detail, sorry.
Playing as a mercenary you can only obtain castles, and these castles have different buildings you can build in them. Two came in my mind, one is mercenary troop recruiter, other is some sort of mercenary trade center. So you can recruit mercenary units, and buy expensive and uniqe armors, weapons, only available in this trader. etc.

Path of the Rogue; Lets you play as a bandit. Can't form a kingdom or a guild. can't obtain towns or castles. only hideouts are obtainable. Medium army sizes. Also has an entirely different quest line.
There are quite a lot of mods for a way to implement this already, banditlord, scum and villany, cultured start (lets you start as a criminal in every town) etc. They are all great and does amazing jobs for the game. But as i said in the beginning, they just dont work well because of the base game mechanics. What i imagine is this; for example in history we know Ottomans hired pirates to fight against their enemies. Game can implement something like this. Being a bandit can be pretty much like being a mercenary but with different gameplay options. you can't enter cities normally but raid villages without declaring war. All the lords and nobles will try to get you if they see you and you have bad relationship with them. Also lord and guilds can give you quests. Lets say Caladog catches your army and you choose "what would it take to go my way" dialogue option and it can give you really hard quest like; go defeat Calatild, take her as a prisoner and bring her to me. You do it but on your way of bringing her, she offers money to you for releasing her.
Playing as bandits also could have some restrictions like you can recruit troops from villages but can't upgrade them. Only way for you to get high tier units is capturing them as prisoners and recruiting them later. Also you should be able to recruit bandit units. (Obviusly bandit unit tree can have some more units.) You can own hideouts and sell stolen or earned loot in there but with lower prices obviously. So you try to enter towns using your rogue skill to sell them with higher prices if you want to.

Anyway i hope you like it. It was just something i wanted to share.
I need to say, i really love this game so much. Developers does a great job with bringing a challenging idea into life. I've never played a game 200+ hours after its released and never actually play one for a 1000 hours. But bannerlord seems like its going to be the first one (with help of mods, of course).

Thank you for reading...
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