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Is it just me who would love to see household guard implemented?

The idea would be related to both around the map where (similar to companions) you could assign up to a number of troops categorised as household guard to follow you around in places like town (perhaps 5-10 for this) - they could also fit into quests, ambushes etc - you could also assign them to protect escorts, heirs etc. You could also assign companions to the guard if they are loyal or good fighters.

They would also be used for guards around your castles from a larger pool, particularly in the capital or you place of inhabitance/where your family reside- they would wear the same uniform and be of the same class to look more professional and less random- there could even be patrols around the streets. They could also even play into how likely an enemy is able to break someone out of jail or espionage later on etc depending on strength of household guard). Whilst a garrison has a similar role, it would be great to have more of a professional guard particularly for when you reach the higher levels ie king.

You could differ the style of guard, names etc for the various factions depending on their cultures also.

Let me know what you guys think of this, I think it would be a great step forward into improving game immersion and would be interested to hear your thoughts/ideas.
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