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House of Aachen

House of Aachen, it occupies castle Praven. It was originally founded by Jesse, but then he closed it. It is coming back for the Aachen server.
The story goes far far away. A man named Jim, who lived in Germany in a town called Aachen. The town was a poor town, there were only few rich people. One day a group of bandits came to the town and looted everyone and almost slaying one. Jim hid himself and survived. When he got out, he found only few supplies left and only few men. He took the men and made House of Aachen. They rebuilt the whole town from scratch, made wooden walls and attacked bandits. As they grew stronger more people wanted to join. The house grew stronger and stronger everyday, but as time came the Lord grew older and older. Then suddenly he died, there was a man in the house named Jesse. He was a royal man. He was trustworthy and would never betray his house. When the lord died, everyone thought it will be the end of all this, but the man Jesse stood up and talked to the people, and he became the new lord of House of Aachen.

Not the greatest story, but i think it will do for now. Probably will be changed afterwards.


Duke: Duke_Scippio_of_Aachen

Baron: Baron_Yuyuimg_of_Aachen

Knight: Knight: Knight_Pursua_of_Aachen, Knight_Klitmoeller_of_Aachen


Palace Guard:

Castle Guard:


Footman: Footman_Widnall_of_Aachen


How to apply

Your ingame name?

Your steam name?

What rank do you wish to achieve?

Will you always stay respectful for the house?

Will you report a traitor who lies in the house?

Something about yourself/story?

The server we currently play on is EU_Aachen_PW_RP, that is the official Aachen server. Our TS is, there will be made a custom section for House of Aachen.  Website


Steam: IL_Scippio, Yuyuimg

The thread isnt fully finished, we will still add our banner and everything. :smile:
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