House Brightfyre Recruitment!

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House Brightfyre is officially recruiting!

We are a fun, casual Game of Thrones themed chat that is focused on enjoying the Mount and Blade experience. We are fairly new, and we still have many positions to fill!

---Why You Should Join---
>We have a fun and interesting rank structure  based on Warband's troop tree system.
>We hold events at least twice a week (we play together very often) on various mods, keeping your time with us fresh and fun.
>Skill/experience isn't so important to us as your ability to be part of a team. HB is a big believer in fighting as a unit rather than relying on individuals to carry the rest. We place a large emphasis on teamwork.
>You may have the opportunity to found your own house and make a name for yourself!

---What You Should Know---
>We are mostly NA, with some EU players
>You must have a Mic and Discord
>If you are already in a clan no worries! We are now accepting mercs!
>We play Osiris, NW, AZW, Native (with other mods on the side)
>We play a variety of mods to keep things interesting!

I hope to see you guys.