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House Blackfyre - Blood and Fire

House Blackfyre is a Persistent World/Empires, Native, cRPG and Bannerlord Online clan which has been around in some form for over a decade. Originally famed Napoleonic Wars regiments, House Blackfyre now boasts of being the largest and longest-lasting major clan in the North American sphere. It began in its current form on April 18th, 2015 when I, Roy, or King Daemon in-game, created the group with a host of loyal supporters. We have dominated the Persistent World/Kingdoms frontier, and look forward to making a name for ourselves in the various Bannerlord modules mentioned above. Here is a small but by no means comprehensive list of what we offer:

- Recruitment drives, tournaments, clan matches, community events (EU4, Hoi4, Vicky3 etc.) and other fun events
- Longest-lasting Great House on PW (est. 2015)
- Fastest-growing and largest NA cRPG clan
- New player friendly and non-toxic community
- Training sessions by the King's Guard for whoever wants to improve
- Eight different squads with different specializations to choose from to hone your skills, 200+ clan members, 300+ community members

You can join us in some of the following ways:​
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