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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: My game automatically applied the hot fix for June 1 on 1.5.9. When I brought up my overnight save, my party's troop limit was suddenly 168 - last night, it was 278. Checking the troop screen I found that my party commander, Lithalo, not pictured as usual; instead, it was my brother Nathanos.


Where did I go??? It turns out the game moved my plate to the bottom of the troop list, just above the prisoners. And, I could not move it up the list, although I could rearrange others.


Lithalo is the clan Quartermaster and has perks to increase troop limit. So I wondered if the game stripped my Quartermaster role. Here is the party screen under the Clan tab. Instead of being first in the party list, Lithalo's party is now last. And Nathanos' portrait is displayed on the party plate at the left for "Lithalo's Party", not Lithalo. And Nathanos is again at the top of the list of members in the party and is the portrait shown in the center.


As in the troop screen, Lithalo is now moved to the bottom of the member list. It does, however, show that I am still quartermaster.


I am guessing that since Nathanos is now shown at the top of the party, the troop limit is his, not mine. Since it's > 100 fewer than mine, that's a big problem!!

I will upload my overnight save. You will be able to check the party limit against Nathanos' stats and see if my guess is right. But I need you to fix this issue!!!

How to Reproduce: Bring up the save I will supply in 1.5.9 hot-fixed for June 1.

Have you used cheats and if so which: None
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OS: Win 10 Home
GPU Driver Version:
CPU: i7 490K
RAM: 16 GB
Motherboard: don't know
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 2 TB Toshiba


Community Support
Community Support
Hey, i have informed the devs about the issue. Thank you for reporting it in and for your time.
So it's been nearly 3 months and two major updates later... and still this hasn't been fixed! My God, it was broken by that Hotfix I mentioned and it should have been possible to look at that code and undo it.

Or am I the only one who has been kicked from the leadership of the party I was leading?

I booted the game up with my old save and nothing changed in the leadership. I can't dissolve the party, because I'm in it. I can't even make a new party to offload the excess soldiers, because all my companions that aren't Governors or already leading a party, are in the party with me. When was that ever a limitation??
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