Hosting a server and joining it from same Pc is down! for dedicated servers

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I know about tech support board but this is general enough for me to post this even here!

Came about that while testing mod:

my part its warband dedicated:

Nertexx problem at WFAS I almost sure yes it is dedicated:

cirbani duno which DLC but under Warband certainly:´t-working.425136/
his good description also would lead to the idea that the problem is to use same router or IP in local network!!! for hosting and joining...

mikhal1975: warband if i got it right:

WashYourEyesTwice in Warband again

Ok the community support seems to be a single guy drowning in Bannerlord bug reports and he is like answering every single of those reports as if they where uniques
I did this to let u know it is not AND it wont be possible to join a dedicated hosted game in WArband/ NW / or WFAS from same:: PC?/ROUUTER/ IP ADRESS? as the the host is located on!

and the changes to the server data has been made between the evenning of 05.27.´20 and the evening of 05.28.´20. I could tell that out of my server log.
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I hope it is fixed as soon as possible, I want to test my mod and I cannot, I have wasted enough time trying to solve the issue, I have downloaded the files to create a dedicated server, and I even downloaded the warband again ...
Same thing still happens for me :sad:
Any computer that sits on the same local network as the Dedicated Server says "You are banned from this server".
Can access any other online server no problem, just not my own.. Sad times


hey I have done almost 2000 hours of mount and blade warband, recently bought bannerlord and it is amazing. Unfortunately my dad, who is also a massive warband fan, cannot run bannerlord on his laptop, so we thought we would do some mount and blade multiplayer today and unfortunately it did not work, as you know. I am a massive fan of the series and really love playing, but it feels nice to be able to play it with my Dad from time to time rather than just bots, if this problem could be fixed, preferably soon but I understand you must be busy, that would be really great. thanks so much for the awesome games, have a great day! :smile:
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