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So.. I am having trouble hosting servers in warband. When I host a server that is not dedicated and just from the "host server" option in warband it seems that no one can see my game and no one joins.

I have tried to host a dedicated server from the dedicated server files I downloaded and still that does not work. No one can see the game. Am I doing something wrong?? someone please help. I dont know much about port forwarding or anything so I will need help if that is the case.
Port 7240 open?  7241 might need to be open too; it's the Steam port so should only be required for VAC, but you never know.
yes I believe it is open. I have a netopia router so its pinholes for me. I added and oppend port 7240. does it matter if it is tcp or udp?


Are you putting any characters in the server's name that are not letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) or underscores (_)? If you do, the game will change the name of your server back to "Server XXXX" without telling you, giving your server a different name without you realizing it.


I don't know if this would help/do anything at all, but have you tried disabling the option to use VAC on the game?
Um how do I enable VAC and how do I unblock udp and tcp I believe they were already unblocked but I dont know how to find out? I have a netopia router so how do I do it with that?


Same problem - I even went as fart and removed all port restrictions from my computer [They are on again, lol].


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I have this problem, too. So apperantly ingame host mechanism is not working. We need to use dedicated server files I think, right ?


tried with the files deicated server but the same thing, I think there 's some problem that prevents us from seeing the server list all the games online


Temuçin said:
Opened the 7241 UDP port and it is now ok. :smile: Just open that port and now you can host a game.

I did as you say, but my game does not appear in the list of servers on the Internet
So, in the end did not get a solution?

I also have the same problem, and I also saw several people have such a problem, but just are not the solution to the present.

I have tried the firewall and antivirus software turned off, but still the same.
These two have been closed, what other things caused by blocking it?

Other players as the HOST I can see and join, but by me become a HOST, others can not see.

See so many people have this problem, but have failed to see answers.
Could it be that this problem is really no solution? :sad:
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