Horse types needs renaming

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When you buy horses, or camel they are both called 'horse' as the type.

If they are put into the same category they should be called 'mount'.

Other than that these 'horses' have types, called 'horse types' (yes even if its a camel). There are 2 types but with non-identified ones there are 4 types essentially.

-Non ride-able(doesn't say they are non ride-able but say it they are just stat-less).
-Type-less and ride-able ones
-Horse (Yes it says Horse type: Horse in an 'horse' typed item)
-War horse


I think you can see the problem there, this naming is required to know in order to properly upgrade your army. Some of your soldiers needs 'horse' horse to upgrade, but that it confusing because type-less horses has Horse word in their description too.

I suggest that these mounts shouldnt be typless or 'horse' as a type. They could be for example:

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