Horse hoofbeat audio is too quiet

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Hoofbeats audio volume is too quiet, allowing cavalry to sneak up on you even though that shouldn't be possible for a galloping horse. Have a listen at this video where Vic rides his horse around me for a bit. Try to visualize where the horse would be based on the volume of the hoofbeats.

Notice how even as he is right next to me, he sounds as if there is still some time left before he enters melee range. In chaotic matches such as TDM, this happens all the time. I constantly overestimate the distance between me and the enemy horseman I'm hearing and I don't react because I think there is still some time left before they cant hit me.


Truly happens all the time, sometimes the horses seems to sound louder when they are far than when they are almost over you.

They seem like horse rogues that backstab you with stealth


It's impossible to track a single horse via audio feedback (even roughly), let alone several at once which is likely in either multiplayer or singleplayer.


Yeah. And it's weird because when you are at B on the desert map you can hear the horses riding above you at A (Which I think is cool), but you can barely hear a horse coming right behind you.
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