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Horse Collisions Needed

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I'd like to see Horse Collision implemented into the game; as in when two horses collide at high speed they should both be knocked down and the riders thrown off.

Currently it just feels like horses are big bumper cars and this missing feature is highly apparent on cav-heavy armies where horses charge into each other.

I like to imagine the Battle of the Bastards where the cavalry lines clash at Jon Snow's side when he's running in alone

No, not like it was Warband. Charges were basically impossible and cav vs cav fights were the worst because of it. Maybe up the collision but don't make them brick walls like they were in Warband.
Have you ever seen a horse crash into another horse at full speed? (While wearing blinders)

I know you haven't, and I haven't either, doesn't mean its not realistic!
I like the idea of throwing the rider off without having to kill the horse and that is something that I would very much like to see in the game, but I wouldn't put it as a priority right now, I would add this to a wish list of things if there is time available after the main features are in.

Like Zydrate said, horses have a mind of their own, even with a lot of training I don't think they would ram other horses or even tight groups of infantry head on.

To make horse collision believable, they would have to add some sort of fear factor/reluctance so it doesn't make them actual bumper cars. But then again, that fear factor would also need to be applied to infantry, cavalry charges were effective because they would make infantry rout before contact was made, it was more like a test of nerves.
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