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Horse Archer AI and Sprinting

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PLEASE add back in the option to disable 'advanced' horse archer AI, because foot archers are incapable of hitting horse archers circling them it means the only reliable way to kill enemy horse archers is to have a large amount of your own horse archers. This one fact is almost ruining the gameplay for me right now, spending 10 minutes chasing 8 horse archers around the battle map is not my idea of fun.

Please add a toggle button for sprint, holding down ALT 24/7 is horrible and it causes Windows 10 to make error sounds if I press a button after pressing ALT. If you made a hotfix with just these fixes I would love you, thanks.


Well, that CAV archer AI is annoyed. But it make game more reality. That is how mongolian dominated the world in the past. In game, when you attack Zeladeck (around 600 troops with full cav archers and fast hourses), only 1 way to kill those bastard is make a shield wall, wait them out of arrow, and they will rush to your army. Other way is give command to your army, stand near the map edge, and the carvalry archer will stuck at the edge and your archers will easy to kill them. So if you meet many cav archers, you need to prepare and command your troops or you will lose. And sometime you must lose all your troops just in a battles.
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