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[size=24pt][size=14pt]HOLY WARS its a polish mod for Mount & Blade Warband about religious wars in alternative world for renaissance Europe. This mod is something like The Eagle and The Radiant Cross and something like Warhammer and something like polish role play game Monastyr.[/size][/size]


-12 new Factions
- The Middenrealm
- Erengradian Commonwealth
- Bandit Kingdoms
- Kingdom of Noland
- Kingdom of Bruggia
- The Empire
- Westfal Princypality
- Duchy of Ostia
- Free Palatinat
- Kingdom of Nordia
- Kingdom of Skavia
- Free City of Holopole
- Free City of Allendar
-Lot of new units on the world map
-New brigands, looters etc.
-Few minor factions like Elnarian Rebels, Kings Loyalists with one village or hideout
-New patrols and kingdom patrols like Knights-Errants or Village Millitia
-Diplomacy Mod
-Holy Wars use the Diplomacy Mod
-New rennessaince weapons and armours
-Lot of new items like muskets, long pikes and more renaissance stuff


link for official forum: http://www.mountblade.info/forum/index.php?topic=14746.0


Knight at Arms
Fun mod, still bugged a lot, but it's really heading onto the right direction. Keep up the good work!

I also suggest you post this on Moddb, maybe even Nexus. This way you'll gain more traction, maybe someone even decides to join your team.


Hey, hi. Can you reload the mod's link, it's dead and gone. I really want to try the mod out. Thanks.
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