Hog - meat price balance

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One hog usually costs as much as one meat, except slaughtering the hog produces two pieces of meat, so buying hogs, slaughtering them and selling their meat right away is a quick way to double one's money (at least until the meat price drops and hog price rises far enough). Even if it doesn't happen that often, it's not very logical for a 2-meat hog to be worth half meat's worth if you know what i mean.
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Depends on where you are getting the hogs and selling the meat. I have seen hogs going for 100 and meat going for 25.


Concerning prices, hog isn't much different from any other good in the game. Sumpter horse is even cheaper most of the time and it can be slaughtered too.
So I can't agree with your point. Everything is fine with hogs.
Some things are too cheap and some are too expensive right now, but in general the balance in prices for regular goods is not bad at all. Trading is kind of fun.
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