hmm...hope this doesnt get me flamed

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Any way, im looking to create a mod for warband, and i was going to use this mod as the base, but to just put this in warband modules wouldnt work, im looking for the source code..and uh, my question is if anyone has the source code. (and yes i will give credits to this mod, the person who helped me, and others who help me) And yes i know how to mod.


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Nope, nobody has the source code. Supposedly there is a method to extract the source code but I don't know how it's done.


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You aren't really epically failing. Your better off than I at least. I said I was going to create a mod and a map for this mod. I didn't even ask how difficult it might be before I did it. I just started pulling **** together and somehow I made a map. You actually asked which makes you less of a "Hey you're doing it wrong!" than I.


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No, its just that i dotn have any knowledge on extracting source codes from mods, soi am the epic fail in this case :mrgreen: epic failure here  its a logical question to me.

Kt0 has some scripts for converting .txt files into .py files.

I dont think you can convert all the files yet...but and some other I know of for sure.
I would look in the forge and search kt0 troop script.  and read that thread.

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