MP Hitting people who have been knocked to the ground

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Grandmaster Knight

NOTE: Downed horsemen pivoting has been fixed.

Knocked down infantry can rotate their characters towards the end of the animation, resulting in janky, unnaturaly fast movement, again making it more difficult to hit them.

The problems
- Downed characters sliding all over the place.
- Downed footmen pivoting unnaturally while getting up.
- Very abrupt and uneven knockdown animations make it difficult to follow and target downed opponents.
- Attack delay makes it hard to properly capitalize on its own, but also compounds with the points above.

The solutions
- Fix the sliding that often occurs when a character is throw off his horse.
- Remove the ability to pivot from downed footmen.
- Replace and polish up the knockdown animations so that downed characters move more naturally and stand up near the center of where their body was while laying on the ground.
- Remove attack delay.

TaleWorlds, just hire Noudelle and listen to him. Seriously.
Keep up the feedback mate. Let's pray TaleWorlds listens.
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