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No, I didn't use any mods.


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In Warband when I clicked and moved the mouse left, my character swung from the left, when moved right he swung from the right.
In Bannerlord when I move it to the left it might be a thrust, a swing from either direction (!) or an overhead. When I click and move down, it still can be an overhead attack.
Is this right or I miss something?
I tested this in a city without enemies and other stress factors around.

When I move the cursor first and click thereafter it works in that case.


How are you controlling your weapon, via the Mouse (View Direction) or the Movement Keys? If you're talking about when using a mouse, then you have to move your mouse and then click.


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It worked in warband this way. The old game was better in this regard not to mention I could change the direction while holding LMB.


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Community Support
Hi, please check the "Control Block Direction" and "Control Attack Direction" settings under the Gameplay tab. If the options are not working as intended please let me know.


Reviving an old thread since the issue still exits when using the mouse to control the attack/block direction.

The issue is not directly caused by the game itself, but rather due to the natural jitteriness of human movement.
This becomes especially apparent and problematic when using a high sensitivity mouse or if a person suffers from motor control problems (injury, disability etc).

Best way to solve this is by implementing these two features:
1. Using a rolling average of the mouse movement over the last # of milliseconds to select the attack/block direction.
2. Adding a minimum mouse movement threshold for the attack/block direction to be chosen.

Both of these can have adjustable parameters in the options so the player can set them to fit their personal preference.
This should greatly reduce or eliminate the odds of the wrong direction being selected.
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