MP Musket Era Historically accurate women & sailors mod (Works on all NW multiplayer servers)

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This is a tiny aesthetic mod for NW, I made it for myself but have decided to share.

Its really immersion breaking to see topless pirates running around (especially female ones!) so I made this mod to change the appearance of the ship crew of the British & French factions.

In a nutshell:

- Men (of both factions) now actually look like sailors, with appropriate attire.

- French female shipcrew now look like Cantinieres (no Napoleonic army is complete without one!)

- British female shipcrew now look like camp followers.

- I also replaced the awful female hair, no more silly hairstyles!

- Replaced some of the ugly female face textures with prettier ones.

There are no bugs/issues and it works perfectly on all NW multiplayer servers (like minisiege, TP, bot battle, etc...)

Aswell as people who play as a female and those wanting to see historically accurate women and sailors in battle, I think this mod would be good for regiments and roleplay servers who want an extra level of realism.

Enjoy! - Nicole x

Link to Mod -

Some pics of the troops:

French Cantiniere -

French Sailor -

British Camp Follower -

British Sailor -

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are wanting some help creating historically accurate clothing (especially women's clothing) for your mod, send me a message and if Im interested I'll make you some :smile:
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