Historically Accurate and Traditional Archery in Bannerlord

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I've seen two similar posts about this topic but it didn't get enough attention, so I decided to post this one. Basically, the topic is the only reason that I signed to this forum.

As someone who is interested in traditional archery, I have been researching about this topic and trying to practice it upto some content. Mount & Blade games have also been my favorite pc game since I know it (around 2007) as it included the best arrow dynamics and a realistic archery mechanic features I had ever seen. However, as I read, watch and learn about the traditional archery, the archery in M&B games started to be seem somewhat shallow because of the same way of use of the bows by different cultures.

Here is some advices about archery traditions that may be iplemented to the game which, I believe, provide more diversity between the factions/cultures and add some extra content that may decorate the game better.

The only drawing/releasing technique of a bow in the game is the so-called “Mediterranean draw” or “Three finger draw”. Historically, this technique is used dominantly by the Mediterranean, European and the English cultures in combination with the “Longbows”, knocking arrow on the left of the bow and the foot archery. However, asiatic cultures such as Turks and Mongols and their predecessors were using the so-called “Thumb draw/release” which has some certain advantages with respect to the “Three finger draw” especially when fighting on the horseback. As it is stated and shown in several documentaries (both written or visual) using “Three finger draw” on horseback in a combat is not realistic at all. You may find some useful information about the “Thumb-release” from the following link. The owner of the channel (Murat Özveri and his team “Tirendaz” if I am not mistaken) is probably one of the most knowledgable person about the traditioanl Turkish archery in Turkey.

You may also reach some academic-level information about Turkish archery in the following website of the “Tirendaz” group:


2) Introducing “Thumb release” to the game will provide you a lot of fresh content about new perks for archery skill tree. Some advices:​
  • Use of different thumb rings as additional ballistical improvements.​
  • Use of “khatra” techniques (movement of the bow during the release) to improve the flight of the arrow (In game mechanics, this perk may give a certain boost to accuracy).​
  • Use of different speed shooting techniques. You may find some applications in the following links. Seeing those animations in the game would be very nice… This type of skills can have some cooldown time and be used as some type of “burst fire mode”.
3) Some other types of arrows may be added such as the historically documented “Whistling arrow” which may affect the enemy army “moral” mechanic or be used as a command/communication method by the army leader as it did in the battlefields in the history.

4) I’m not sure if the hand armors are affecting the archery speed in the game but it should definitely affect. Even some types of hand armors cannot allow the use of bows at all. If you can’t control your fingers independently, probably you cant’t use the “Thumb release”. “Three finger release” may also be affected by some heavy type hand armors.

These are some basic advices from a very amateur and beginner archery enthusiast. If you dig into the academic side of the “Traditional Archery” subject (Not only for asiatic cultures, but also English or French) you will find much more information, rich and interesting content about the topic to include in the game.

Best regards.​


Thumb draw is basically compatible with most gauntlets since in most casese the thumb is free, but not mediterranean draw since your index and middle finger is bounded together by the single piece of fabric, but in some cases all five fingers are free so you are able to use mediterranean draw (but the armour piece would still affect your string, whilst thumb draw would mostly stay unaffected)

So in reality, you should be even able to shoot in game for the most part simply because of your gauntlets.
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