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So... what is the point for Bannerlord? Burst mode in archery where right mouse click allows 3 arrows fired really quickly as a perk?
Well I dont have plans but I wouldn't mind more than one attack mode for bows. My guy can only do the standard shot from level 0 to 275. Melee at least got a few swings and up and stab and push, still to few but better than archery. There is so much they could add and still keep it realistic.


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You can already run and shoot btw...I do it all the time and it works fine...there is also a relative perk if I'm not mistaken.
About archery... we have differents schools about that. A different point of view on that topic (modern/classical/Europe/Asia) and Bannerlord is not simulating fight that much. That is not a short topic or only one point of view.

For example sword, we have only 4 swings and one stab(is like using a sword only in 10%). We can't use hands in sword fighting. Fight in Bannerlord is very simply. For all of the types of swords! This game doesn't have longsword or short sword, bastard, or saber, this game has a one-handed weapon "sword".
In Lars Andersen: A new level of archery we have an example of how we can shoot.
In HEMA instructors fighting with the Polish saber - Lee Smith vs. Richard Marsden we have saber fighting (yes, this is the end of XVI century) in here the most important thing is hitting the enemy saber when in the IX century hitting sword vs sword was not the best idea (because of smithing).
In Akademia Szermierzy - Fior di Battaglia: Chapter II (The Guards of the Sword) we have long sword fighting from the XIII century and later.
In Adorea longsword fight duel we have "cinematic" fighting where 95% of the fight is historical.
In Wolin 2017 Viking Battle - "Wrath of Jomsborg" we have more like street fight not actually historical combat, but pretty messy. What here is interesting is that they have armor like "lords" and cutting is useless here. Cutting mail armor is very very hard... and below mail you have other layers of armor. Okay is possible to cute something, but for armor, you should use piercing or blunt weapons or simply push the enemy on the ground.

and more...

as you see we have very different styles in fighting using swords. Bannerlord is not historical fighting game but a game where you are a "lord" and you have fun :grin:

and screw shadiversity, calling Sargon a "left of centre classical liberal" and fawning over Lauren Southern and Rubin...

seriously **** that guy
I have no idea who any of those people are, I follow Lars because of his first video and because he lives 15 min drive from me. So I too feel a little bit like a skilled archer and famous 😀


I have no idea who any of those people are, I follow Lars because of his first video and because he lives 15 min drive from me. So I too feel a little bit like a skilled archer and famous 😀
Sargon is a UKIP member who makes youtube videos about how immigrants, the EU and feminists are destroying the world and he told a female MP "he wouldn't even rape her because she was so ugly", Lauren Southern is kind of the same but Canadian and she wants a white ethno state and believes in "the great replacement" and traveled to Italy to harass refugees on ships in the mediteranean, she hilariously had to ask her alt right fans to stop shaming her for not marrying yet and becoming the baby factory woman should be according to her own videos. Rubin is an idiot who often has far right extremists on his show.

Shadiversity likes them and defended them which is why I stopped watching him. I don't know about Lars so I can' speak about that guy.

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I don't know if I want to see too much trick shooting, but I do think the Ranger perk which lets you shoot more accurately while running should be earlier in the perk tree. Like around skill 150 seems like a good place to get that ability.

Of course they actually make the perk work in first place.
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