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so each time i load save/enter the lord's hall there is a random(s) guard that can act as tavern hiring replacing it
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so whenever i enter lord's hall and talk to guards which are troops from garrison i can hire them as like hiring tavern thugs or watchman am not sure if its bug or a feature but even if it is a feature its definitely bugged , because i tested by loading save multiple times so i went to tavern checked it had 14 watchman i didn't hire then went to lord's hall and found 14 mercenary swordsman i hired the latter then went to tavern to check on watchman then he said "don't worry , i ll be ready...." as if i hired them instead of the mercenary swordsman and i always get the type of troops i hire from the hall or the tavern like now i got mercenary swordsman and they always come at same price as tavern troops like in this example (14 watchman for 1125 the random spawn on hall will cost same) so when i went back to check on mercenary swordsman if they have same chat i didn't find them , then i realized that the game chooses a troop from guards at hall randomly without even reloading save just getting out and in , sometimes u get none for recruiting. and sometimes u get even two kind of troops and same happen if you recuit from tavern first then go to hall they say "don't worry , i ll be ready..."
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Installed community-made modifications:nope
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OS:Windows 10
GPU:rx 580 2048SP 4GB
CPU: i5 3470
Motherboard: h61
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 500gb hdd (OS) 250gb hdd (Bannerlord)

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Community Support
Community Support
I have been informed that this issue will be fixed with the upcoming patches. Thanks for reporting!
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