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Day, it has dawned,
fluttering feathers;
I wake ye not for wine
nor for wives' words,
rather I wake ye for hard
Hild's play.

Courage is better
than the cut of the sword,
where wrath shall weigh,
for, a willful man
I see tough ways
with a blunt sword win.

Resolve is better
than is reserve
to have in Hild's game;
Keenness is better
than to cower,
whatever comes at hand.

Hildileikr is a poetic word for battle in the Old Norse tongue, related to Hildar leikr or ‘Hild’s play’, and may thus be translated as ‘battle play’ or, more loosely, ‘play of the Valkyrja’ .

At present, Hildileikr has 42 slots and is located in Denmark. Hildileikr is a community-run server, trying to represent and provide a platform for most of the Víkingr community.

Game modes
Hildileikr is generally set to battle mode. Frequently, if there are enough players present, it can be set to siege mode or raid mode by the admins. In the late hours it may be set to duel mode or deathmatch mode.

Server rules
  • No insulting of other players or other impoliteness
  • No attacking or wounding of team mates in any way – that includes punching and kicking
  • No unwarranted hiding or other such trollish behaviour
  • No vigilantism – you are to ask the admins to deal with troublesome players

Requesting admin presence
If no admins are available on the server and someone is ruining gameplay by breaking the above rules, some of the admins can be contacted on Steam directly (see link behind name).

Kicks and bans
The admins retain the right to kick and/or ban any players who break the server rules. If you have been banned you may request this ban to be lifted by writing in this thread, and it will be taken under consideration. Private messages to any of the admins will not be responded to.

Hildileikr is the successor to Hrafnabjóðr. Credit goes to Éadríc Fyrninga for the thread design. The opening stanzas are translations from Bjarkamál and Fáfnismál by Þorkell Erlinga.



Fintan, you forgot the most wanted thing in... evah!
(Sorry, i had just to post it)


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Glad to see you guys like the new name. Now head over to the Skattr thread, because donations have been closed for a while and the next quarterly payment is coming!
Now i haven't exactly studied my old Norse, but still i have a question about the name. Shouldn't the server be called "Hildarleikur" or "Hildarleikr"? I know for a fact that the Faroese variant of the word is "Hildarleikur", and I'm pretty sure it's the same for Icelandic. The word is put together by "Hild" and "leikur/leikr", "combat/struggle" and "game/action/strife". In the combined word, "hild" is supposed to be in genitive, and as far as i know it is "Hildar", both in modern Faroese and modern Icelandic.

So unless you have it from some proper source, I'm pretty sure it's wrong. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Nice name though. :smile:


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No. 'Hildileikr' and 'Hildar leikr' are both attested, and they're both derived from hildr, "battle; Hild (name of a valkyrie)". 'Hildar leikr' uses the genitive, and could be rendered as "the play of battle", while 'Hildileikr' uses the raw stem in the compound, and could be rendered as "battle-play". 'Hildar leikr' usually appears as two separate words, which is why we preferred 'Hildileikr'.

See the entry for 'HILDR' here.


Sorry but i have to now post negative stuff about one player named: Leila. She/he shemale teamkilled me by throwing axe to my head. I'm not whining person, but i must report this to project the new server from evil people. I expect some kind punishment from his/her great deeds.
...and it wasn't accident.
Thats all, thank you.

Dansk viking

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Seems like there was some unwanted behaviour during that time - Leila seems to have been involved, but there's not enough to justify a ban at present.


Dansk viking said:
Seems like there was some unwanted behaviour during that time - Leila seems to have been involved, but there's not enough to justify a ban at present.

Thanks for checking, but i think warning is right thing to do now. It ain't fun getting an axe to face with no reason.
Since you have brand new server and adequate normal admins, Unban me.
Hater banned me for 1 TK,  no matter if I was tk'ed constantly before, and got tk'ed every few rounds at global scale.


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OK Partizan, you've been unbanned because you've already served your ban and then some. But don't push it.
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