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Since some days now all related EU servers that are hosted by taleworlds give me Highping (>150, normally ~30) i ran WinMTR and some jump (twelve99) seems to take super long...
I tried turning IPv6 off since some post mentioned that but that resulted in the same issue.
I see other german players with normal pings, others with the same high ping.

Other not TW hosted servers have normal pings for me, so it seems to be related to the TW-servers and their routing.
Can Provide the whole WinMTR dumb and a screenshot if needed.
How to Reproduce: Join public TW Server (Skirmish, Siege or TeamDeathMatch) and play for some time.
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Update: Also tried different DNS-servers, which also did not change the issue...

Another Update: The issue seems to be time related, after ~ 22:20 (CEST) the issue seems to be fixed and i have normal ping again...

Next Update: Didn't have problems with ping from 18:00 till ~19:10.

Next Update (18.06.2024): Issue still persists and sometimes it seems to be bound to restarting the game. same map same server good ping, i restart game, join same server, round is still in progress, suddenly bad ping
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Hey, sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time and the information you have provided. I have forwarded the issue to the devs for further inspection.
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