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No, I didn't use any mods.


The "Enduring Smith" and "Fencer Smith" skill perks at Smith 225 are not functioning for me.

How to Reproduce:
Attain a skill of 225 in Smith. Select a perk shield, and choose the perk.
For "Enduring Smith", I would expect that my END stat would increase by one; it does not.
For "Fencer Smith", I would expect to see one additional focus in each of One Handed and Two Handed, and I don't.
My END is 7, I have 5 focus in Smith. My Smith skill is now 275 and I have 3 unspent perks. I have 1 focus in One Handed and 0 focus in Two Handed.
By my calculation my Learning Limit should be (60 + 150 = 210) in smith, so perhaps there's an undescribed / buggy application of that limit to the effect of the perk. I'm four levels short of being able to buy my END up enough to test this (would need to be 9 for 80 + 150 = 230 learning limit).
Some lower level Smith skills are demonstrably working for me (eg: the charcoal and steel maker skills)

Scene Name (if related): N/A

Media (Screenshots & Video): None

Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10
GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
GPU Driver Version:
CPU: i7 4790K
Motherboard: Not sure; unlikely to be relevant
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD


Ok, I've done so - actually did it once before I read your request carefully, so the second one has the URL in the description.

Game state there is more advanced than the description, but you can still replicate:
  1. Go into character screen
  2. Select Smith Skill
  3. Observe END is 7
  4. Select "Enduring Smith" Perk and choose the top option
  5. Observe END still 7
  6. Reset changes
  7. Observe focus points on One Handed and Two Handed
  8. Select "Fencer Smith" perk and choose the bottom option
  9. Observe focus points unchanged.
I've also got other skills (eg: Riding) where I haven't taken the advanced perks yet that you can play with in case it's a thing for all skills.



As a follow-up, I've advanced to level 28, which gives me enough points to raise END to 9. By my calculations, raising the END to 9 would give a learning limit of (80 + 150 = 230), but adding two END points doesn't change the outcome of the perk; it still fails to apply the last END point.


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I have been informed that this issue is fixed on our development branch and the fix will be implemented with the upcoming patches. Thanks for reporting!
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