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Hierarchy of officials
Add a capital for each faction, and there will be a capital icon on the global map under the city name. Federal officials will be in the capital. Also, if you are a faction leader, there will be a button "Make the capital" in the "Fiefs" menu. The capital can only be moved to another city. add officials. Additionally: The position of Field Marshal is elective among your lords, after the lord has been elected to the position of Field Marshal, he will also run around the map, and not sit in the capital. A player cannot become an official, except as a field marshal, but he can nominate his own person to the position of an official. In the capital, instead of regional officials, federal officials will sit (they have the same opportunities as regional ones + special) + constable.
the ability to create a vassal clan and dynasty. A dynasty is a union of several clans. Accordingly, as soon as we create a vassal clan, a dynasty is immediately created. • Vassal clan. We can send our vassal clan to serve in another kingdom or make them mercenaries (using dialogues). We can make a vassal clan at the head of our companion or at the head of our relative. If we choose a relative, then it will be more difficult to send him to another kingdom, he will be much more loyal to us. If you choose a companion, then it is easier to make him a vassal in another kingdom, but he is less loyal to us. We can also put our vassal clan on the throne in another kingdom. You can create your vassal clan at Tier 4, 5, 6, there are 3 vassal clans in total. To create a vassal clan you need: 60,000 dinars and the character's fame must be 400. The vassal clan banner will be created automatically. To create a vassal clan, you need to talk to the character and choose a dialogue: "I would like you to found your clan." • Dynasty. You can also call another unoccupied clan to your dynasty, you need to talk to the leader of another clan and there will be a dialogue: "Would you like to become a part of my dynasty?" (If you have already created a dynasty) or "What do you think about us being together found a dynasty? "(both options require at least 1 marriage with his family). We can also join another dynasty, for this we need a Tier 2 clan (your dynasty can be based on a Tier 4 clan). After we have created a clan or called a clan into our dynasty, we also need to create: the name of the dynasty, the motto of the dynasty, the coat of arms of the dynasty (the coat of arms consists of 2 parts: the background (color of the coat of arms) and the image of the animal (you can change the color of the background and the animal) Only animals can be depicted on the coat of arms.After our clan was destroyed, the main clan becomes the clan that we founded • 2. We will also choose who to play from this clan. The dynasty is needed to unite clans into one whole and increase their influence in the kingdom and compete with other dynasties. At the moment, the lords and the player do not have the opportunity to increase their influence in the kingdom, except to take more settlements, the dynasties are needed just so that we can better gain a foothold in the kingdom and increase our power.
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