Hideout attack options

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Currently if there are a large number of bandits staying at the hideout you don't stand a chance, I would like to see some more attack options.

Storm hideout: All your men are counted and a small random number of enemies are killed/injured whilst the rest of them scatter becoming fleeing groups on the map, this would then lead to a second option to ruin the base which works like raiding, you would be there on the map for a short time and all the remaining bandits escape, or you could forgo the raid/loot and choose to chase down the bandits on the map before they re-gather at the base.

Talk to the quest giver: He would extend the time to complete the quest but you would not receive any extra relations points from him as it puts his villagers at risk.

Sneak attack during the day whilst most of the bandits are asleep: You send in your companions on their own with several different outcomes:

1) They manage to kill a random number of bandits before the enemy are alarmed, no time to loot as they escape.
2) Your companions are captured and when they eventually escape you have to find them again. Small chance of having killed a few bandits first.
3) They find no-one. Small amount of loot a possibility.
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